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The Castle Point Business and Community Charter Award (Castle Point BCC Award) is appropriate for organisations of all sizes from a sole proprietor to a large corporate.

This award is not a competition. It is an application process and you can apply at any time.

You can apply online or we’ll be very happy to visit you, show you a copy of the workbook and explain how the process works. Call Jill on 01702 468387 or e-mail

A great deal of satisfaction can be gained from achieving the award. Staff engagement and motivation will also be increased as will business reputation. We recommend that all organisations attaining an award use this as a marketing opportunity by displaying the Award Certificate in a prominent place, using the logo on web sites, stationery and even vehicles, and using social media to create awareness of both the award and various elements of community engagement. Apart from gaining commercial benefit as a reward for authentic best practice, publicity will help ensure even more businesses support their local communities thus working towards the vision of thriving town. .

The Award process is administered by Jill Poet, Managing Director of The Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB).  The process is overseen by a Charter Committee including representatives from Castle Point Borough Council, Castle Points Association of Voluntary Services (CAVS) and several other local business and community organisations..

Awards are available at bronze, silver and gold levels via a two-stage application process to ensure businesses are not only demonstrating appropriate levels of community engagement but are also robust, efficient and compliant. Stage One must be completed before proceeding to stage Two.

Please note that the award is applicable to individual sites / branches of an organisation.

Stage 1: Purchase a Responsible Business Workbook and use this to self-assess.
Stage 2: Apply for the award by submitting evidence of community engagement.


The workbook provides a wealth of information and useful resources to help businesses ensure they are robust, efficient and compliant as well as operating ethically and responsibly.

The workbook costs £45 and is normally a one-off purchase. A link will be provided to allow online access to any major updates for a minimum of five years from purchase date.

The Responsible Business Workbook Buy Now

A small administration fee starting at only £35 + vat is payable according to the number of full-time employees, treating part-time employees pro-rata. Click here to view the costs.

The CharterAward will be valid for a year. Thereafter, businesses will not need to purchase a workbook but will be required to pay the administration fee and apply annually for the award. Evidence of community engagement is required annually; responsible business self-assessment certification is required bi-annually.

Application process
The workbook contains a link to all the relevant information and forms to make the application. You will be provided with the following documents which will be imprinted with a code unique to your purchase:

1. A pledge – this states that your organisation is committed to engaging with your local community and to "making a difference."

2. A certificate of self-assessment – this confirms that you have diligently worked through the workbook and believe you meet the overall standard to at least a bronze level.

3. A more detailed document to cover the community section.

Both the pledge and certificate can be printed and signed. We will need a copy of each, but we recommend that you keep the originals and display them in an appropriate place for staff and / or customers to see.

The third document allows you to provide more detailed information as to how you feel you meet the requirement of the community section. Some aspects require statements, but others will require additional backing evidence. Please provide as much evidence as you possibly can to help us make an appropriate award. For some companies, particularly larger organisations, it will quite often be necessary for a representative to attend your site, at an agreed time, to interview staff to ascertain levels of engagement etc.

Assessment Process
Evidence submitted is assessed initially by the Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) using the ASTI approach (Appropriate to the Size Type and Impact of the business.) Evidence will be verified and requests for more information or other means of verification may be made. For larger organisations, an onsite visit is likely to be requested so that a percentage of employees can be interviewed to substantiate their levels of awareness of and engagement with community projects.

ORB representatives will submit a summary of their assessment to a Charter Committee and that committee will decide the level of award, if any, to be presented. .

The Committee's decision is final and it is therefore essential businesses submit as much appropriate information as possible to support their application.

ORB and / or the Charter Committee may at any time request further information or require any part of the application, including validity of the initial self-assessment, to be checked by audit. The applicant should provide the information, or agree a date for audit, within a period of no more than one month from notification. No additional charges will be made for an audit or part-audit carried out under such circumstances. If an applicant declines an audit request, or fails to provide adequate evidence within the requested time, their application will not be progressed any further.

An audit request does not imply that evidence supplied is suspected of being incorrect: a percentage of applications will be vetted more closely on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of the award system.

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